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Algiers the White


Welcome to my ePortfolio Project !

My name is Ahlem, I am from Algeria and living in Algiers. I am a young architect with some professional experience. I received my graduation degree at University of Blida on 2011. Since my graduation studies I was always interested to know more about Rome and the Renaissance. 

It was a pleasure to have joined this course and participate in this ePortfolio project. I am really happy and grateful for this unique opportunity to gain such a huge knowledge from such a great professor.

I am also very happy for having the opportunity to prepare myself for the strong program of the university of my dreams, University of Notre Dame, where I want to study Master of Architectural Design and Urbanism.


In this enrichment project, I would like to choose three examples from three different cities for each part: Memory, Reliquary and Theater to enrich my self and develop my knowledge.

In the first part of the project, I have chosen a site from my hometown Algiers, the historical centre of this Mediterranean city. The Casbah of Algiers this beautiful place full of memories, always fascinating and certainly stays in the memory of Algiers and Algerian people, what made me thinking of it as a good example of The City as a Memory.


In the second part, I will move to Rome, that city have always inspired me and I want to visit it in the future. So I have chosen a great Building from the provided list: The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore because I find it the best exemple of Reliquary.


Finally in the last part of the project, I have chosen an outstanding city in Russia where I have been already and it really inspired and fascinated me. St. Petersburg this city full of history, mystery, life and meaning, seems to me like a wonderful exemple of The City as Theater.


Picture taken in St. Petersburg. Church on Spilled Blood on the background


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Work on this portfolio was created as part of the Notre Dame/edX MOOC "The Meaning of Rome: The Renaissance and Baroque City" in 2016.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.