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Tempietto Digital Badge

There are three stages of getting a digital badge:  earning, claiming, and displaying.


Stage 1: You earn this badge by creating a successful portfolio to display evidence of your learning in the MOOC.  


"Successful" portfolios will...

A:  Meet all project requirements and be complete (with welcome and final reflection pages)

B:  Be turned in on time via submission through the eportfolio system

C:  Show thoughtful writing on the welcome and final reflection pages

D:  Earn at least 80% (40 points or more) on each part of your project (Memory, Reliquary, Theatre) according to the project rubric


Stage 2: You will have a brief window to claim your badge.  After all projects are due and have been evaluated, those producing succcessful portfolios will be invited to claim their digital badge from a third-party website.  The claim window is limited, so act quickly after you receive your invitation!

See the general instructions for how to claim a badge


Stage 3:  Your earned badge is a great opportunity to display verified learning to the outside world.  We recommend adding your badge to your portfolio welcome page (by following the instructions at the bottom of that page).  It is also easy to share your badge on LinkedIn, social media sites, and as part of an email footer.

See the general instructions for how to display a badge


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.