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ARC 110x Digital Badge Project


Congratulations!  You've earned the opportunity produce a capstone project which showcases your learning in ARC 110x "The Meaning of Rome".  


This site provides information about the project and how to work well in a portfolio.


By successfully completing your portfolio project you gain shareable evidence of what you have learned.  In addition, if you claim and display the course's associated digital badge, you can provide verified evidence of your achievement, backed up by the authority of the University of Notre Dame.  Badges can be displayed on your portfolio, LinkedIn, and beyond!

To learn more about badges in general, see this basic information page.  

Previous Notre Dame MOOCs with badges include I Heart Stats and Math in Sports (with additional Coach and All-Star options).


To learn more about this Tempietto Badge, view the badge details page.


To learn how to create your course portfolio, visit the getting started page.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.