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Final Reflection


Creating this ePortfolio about Dublin was challenging to me. Even though I picked only locations I was able to visit in 2013, it was hard to reenvision the detailed architectural designs solely from online pictures. I found it quite easy to pick buildings relating to The City as Memory and Reliquary, however finding a site relating to The City as Theater proved to be more complicated and I hope defining an entire street as a site will be acceptable to the evaluators.


Considering the difficulties and challenges of completing such a project off-site and with little previous background in architecture and it's interpretation, I feel I have done a good job.

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My Self-Rated Rubric


Below is each goal to work towards in your project pages (Parts 2-4 of this portfolio).


For each goal in the left column, rate your overall project's success on a scale of 0-2.

(0 should be given for minimal work, 2 for strong work)


Click to see the full course rubric for the project and personal pages.


Course Goal

Self-Rating (0-2)

Historical background:  My project fully addresses...

"who", "what", "when", "where," and "how".


Site meaning:  My project fully and accurately describes...

the meaning of my selected sites/buildings.


Rationale:  My project explains well and credibly...

how the sites/buildings convey their meaning.


Evidence:  My project supports assertions...

with appropriate resource citations.


Visual Support:  My project incorporates...

at least two pieces of media for every physical attribute discussed.  

All media fit the specifications provided for the project.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.